Conference Presentation

Click here to view Tim Oates' 'Assessment Without Levels' conference presentation.

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2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Association of Maintained Girls' Schools 2013 AGM Committee Meeting can be viewed here.

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President's Report 2012

To download the President's Welcome and Annual Report 2011-2012, please click here.

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The conferences have grown out of collaboration between six girls’ schools in London that work together in a State-Independent School Partnership. These schools are: Central Foundation Girls’ School, Mulberry School for Girls, Skinners’ Company’s School for Girls, City of London School for Girls, Channing School for Girls and Highbury Fields School. The conferences are designed and organised by pupils of those schools.

AMGS Conference 2013

The 2013 AMGS Conference will take place on 11th and 12th October. To download the flyer, please click here.


Notes from the 2013 AMGS Conference can be found here.


The 2013 AMGS Student Conference, 'A Future for Girls from Physics', will be taking place on Monday 14th October. To download the flyer, please click here.


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AMGS Conference 2008

This year’s AMGS conference focused on the factors underpinning girls’ achievement. In the Year of Gender, we are pleased that we have had opportunities to explore and publicise these. The most important emerging theme is that girls’ issues with self esteem, reluctance to openly compete, and tendencies to underrate themselves often hold them back academically.

The opening speech from Professor Kate Myers highlighted the fact that the gender divide in schools is very much alive, and being exacerbated by the trend towards gender stereotypical curriculum choices. These are re-emerging, linked to the new 14 – 19 curriculum, particularly diplomas.