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2013 AGM Minutes

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President's Report 2012

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Minutes of the Twenty-Second Annual General Meeting of the Association of Maintained Girls' Schools

Marriott County Hall, London

1st October 2011

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1.    Apologies

Apologies were received from Kate Barnett, Carol Jones and Charlotte Marten.

2.    Minutes of the AGM of 2nd October 2010

The minutes were agreed.

3.    Matters arising

Seminar programme – The President, Julia Waters, thanked all those who had contributed to the successful start to the seminar programme which all hope will now become embedded. Advertising for the three forthcoming seminars had been included in the conference pack. Dates are yet to be agreed.

The Business Manager seminar would need to be moved from a November 2011 date to March 2012.

All speakers have agreed in principle.

Research – It may not prove easy to get people to contribute.

The opportunity with the Institute of Physics, highlighted at this conference, was seen as a good one. Incorporating further feedback from the Institute at the next conference would be a good idea.

Funding for research is not easy to find. If every school were to provide one example of some action research about their practice, this could be gathered to present to conference next year. Between 5 and 10 pieces would make this worthwhile.

It was felt that the website could also be used to disseminate information.

(Information from the AMGS Communications Officer, Vanessa Ogden, on the updated website was circulated and illustrated the new look of the site. She requested that all schools send her information about themselves and some photographs. The group agreed to try hard to do this.)

Conference – It was pleasing to note that numbers were up on last year and that, consequently, a larger conference room had been necessary. The programme was strong with appropriate topics. It was felt that delegates were very willing to respond and to enter into discussion.

4.    President's Report

This had been included in the delegates' pack. The following points were highlighted:

Vanessa Ogden was recognised for her work on the seminar programme which had gone well.It was noted that there had been several school-to-school visits and much informal networking as a result of meetings and seminars. Learning walks and informal scrutiny of sister schools had been useful and had resulted in the sharing of good practice. The criteria for becoming a Teaching School were discussed.Feedback from the students' conference was very positive. It was agreed that this should happen again next year but would be better on the day before the main conference; i.e. the Thursday. It was agreed that the association should tap into the research going on in the United States. Julie Waters will present the strategic plan to the committee at their next meeting.

5.    Treasurer's report

The Treasurer, Maureen Martin, thanked the President for her assistance and circulated the accounts.

The balance in the account as at 30th September 2011 is £15,384.52.

The final analysis of conference expenses may affect this.

It was felt that schools need to be encouraged to pay their annual subscription. However, it was recognised that budget cuts are impacting heavily on some schools.

It was suggested that the reports form the seminars, the main conference and the students' conference should be sent out to all so that schools can see the value for money in membership.

Members were encouraged to invite neighbouring schools to take up membership.

6.    Election of President

The President Elect, Julie Lawton (Wolverhampton Girls' High School), was nominated as President for 2011/2012 by Julia Waters and seconded by Sister Brenda Wallace. She was duly elected. Julie thanked Julia Waters for all of her hard work during her year as President.

7.    Election of Other Officers

Maria Noone (St. Philomena's) was nominated as Secretary for 2011/2012 by Julia Waters and seconded by Maureen Martin. She was duly elected.

Maureen Martin (Coloma) was nominated as Treasurer for 2011/2012 by Julia Waters and seconded by Julie Lawton. She was duly elected.

Vanessa Ogden had agreed to continue as Communications Officer for 2011/2012.

8.    Election of Committee 2011/2012

Madeleine Griffin (Eltham High) was elected to the committee.

All other committee members agreed to continue in their role.

9.    Dates of meetings

16th January 2012

19th March 2012

18th June 2012

All meetings to take place at Friends' House, Euston, starting at 9.30am.

10.  AOB

The Treasurer, Maureen Martin, indicated that all AMGS members currently on the list at Lloyd's Bank who have been associated with AMGS finances in the past and who are not currently active need to be removed. Julia Waters and Maureen Martin will remain as the only signatories.

The committee voted unanimously in favour of this proposal.

JG Lawton

3rd October 2011