Conference Presentation

Click here to view Tim Oates' 'Assessment Without Levels' conference presentation.

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2013 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Association of Maintained Girls' Schools 2013 AGM Committee Meeting can be viewed here.

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President's Report 2012

To download the President's Welcome and Annual Report 2011-2012, please click here.

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Parkstone Political Treat

Last Autumn local MP Annette Brooke generously offered a political insight to a group of Parkstone’s Politics and Citizenship students by arranging a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

On the day Annette Brooke not only met the group on the tour but she also very kindly arranged for tickets for each member to go into either the House of the Lords or the House of Commons. 

Year 12 student Alice Shaw-Ingham says, “We visited all the main sites, including the Chambers. My group learnt a lot about past historical events such as the last time a monarch stood in the House of Commons and it also offered us an insight into the preparations of the Queen’s speech.”

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